How I Remove All My Makeup


I don’t always wear makeup, but when I do, I tend to pile it on. The second best feeling to taking your bra off, just might be removing all of your makeup.

When removing my makeup, I want to know that every drop of product is gone and that I won’t be clogging my pores or leaving leaving residue on my pillowcases. I also have horrible anxiety, and I believe I immediately get blemishes and breakouts. I know, I’m dramatic…

To make sure my skin is squeaky clean, I use a 4 step process that I have detailed below. You may think that 4 steps might be too many, but I have a method to my madness, and if you keep reading you’ll see why.

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I like to use products that are quick, not super messy, and will seriously remove every ounce of makeup without making my skin feel as though I scraped off 3 layers. My entire makeup removal process takes less than 5 minutes, and having clean skin is worth every second of it.

1. Break down



I like to use Albolene if my makeup consisted of heavy creams and gels like liners and bases, maybe even a stubborn matte lip. The product is like Vaseline in consistency, and the gel/oil like nature of it helps to break down creams and gel makeup products like a dream. If I don’t have any Albolene on hand, I may sometimes use just a bit of olive oil (yes from the kitchen) to break down some stubborn makeup.

 2. Wipe Away with a wipe



The second step of my process is to then wipe away the Albolene, but I do it with a makeup wipe. No one is a stranger to Nuetrogena wipes, and they are by far my favorite makeup wipes. They aren’t to abrasive for my sensitive skin, and since my skin is dry, I love that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry immediately after.

3. Wash Away with a Cleanser

Equitance Brightening Foaming Cleanser
Equitance Brightening Foaming Cleanser

After I have wiped my face clean with the wipe, I will then take a cleanser of my choice, that best fits my skin type and needs at the moment, to wash all the residue away. At the moment I am loving the Equitance brightening foaming cleanser. 

4. Double Check with a Micellar Water


Finally after I have washed my face, I will double check and make sure that every last bit is gone by saturating a cotton round in Micellar water and going over my entire face. I love this product because it really does get everything left behind, and is very gentle not leaving the skin dry. There are many brands that have a Micellar formula, I just happen to be using the Garnier one at this time.

Please be reminded this is just how I remove all of the makeup. I still follow up with the rest of my skincare routine, to include any eye creams, moisturizers, toners and serums.

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