Preparing Your Pout for Matte Colors

Helpful tips on how to prepare your pout for matte lips!

I’m not always a fan of matte colors, but the right hue will get me every time. Whenever I wear dark colors I tend to go for matte colors (my reds, wines and plum colors).

I shared on Instagram how much it irritates me when I see matte colors on chapped lips. I can’t be the only one bothered by this, am I right?!

Prepping your lips for matte colors is extremely important. Not only do you want to ensure that your color is going to apply properly (evenly, and long lasting) you don’t want to do any additional harm to your lips. Matte products by nature can be drying, and if your lips are already dry, you’re adding insult to injury. Putting salt in an open wound. Literally.

Here are some tips to keep your lips perfect and supple before applying matte colors:

1. Hydrate

Sis, drink water. And lots of it. It’s as simple as that. Avoid licking your lips at all costs. I’m sure it sounds good in theory, but your saliva is full of salt. You’re making the situation worse!

2. Exfoliate

The same with any other skin on your body, we want to exfoliate to rid ourselves of unnecessary layers. This is also help your lip color adhere better.

3. Moisturize

Get a really good emollient lip balm. I like to layer on a GENEROUS amount before I go to bed and allow it to penetrate all night. That way I wake up with soft supple pillows on my face. Click here to see my favorite lip moisturizers and balms.

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As always, hope these tips helped!

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