The BEST Lash Glues (for strips)

I’m obsessed with wearing strip lashes. They just give me the extra umph I need whenever I have a full face, and I feel naked without them. They just always up the ante!

One thing I don’t like is feeling insecure that one of my lashes (or both) will try and forsake me and be gone with the wind. For that reason I make sure I use lash glues that really get the job done and will last all day.

I’m sharing my two favorite lash glues with you.

I Make You Beautiful “Lock on Lash”


Lock on Lash was created by beauty maverick Danessa Myricks. If you don’t know her, or her work, get into it! I first became introduced to this amazing product while working some trade shows with Danessa and it was gifted to me. I honestly never looked back. The lash glue is latex free (so if anyone has a latex allergy you’ll do just fine), you don’t have to wait for it to get tacky, and honey when I say it holds….IT HOLDS! I have gone to sleep with my lashes on and they’re still there in the morning. I love the applicator (resembles a liquid liner) so I can precisely apply it to the lash line, and not have to accidentally squeeze globs all over the place.

There are now 2 formulas (black and invisible/clear). It’s $10 but worth every penny. I do have to order it online or wait until I’m at a show where IMYB is present. You can order here.

i-ENVY By Kiss 16 Hour Strip Eyelash Adhesive


This lash glue is found at most beauty supply stores and under $5. While I do have to wait for the glue to get tacky, I really love the long wear and hold. Not quite as long and strong as the IMYB Lock on Lash, but this glue lasted an 8 hour work day, straight to the gym, 60 minutes of cardio and 2 sauna sessions. I’d say that it’s a winner!

I like the applicator as I can swipe it across the lash, and I like that the adhesive is black. It is also latex free and waterproof.

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