My Favorite Lip Balms

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, you totally should @candiceobeauty) you know that I shared a #PettyPeeve of mine. That petty peeve is when I see women wearing matte lips, and their lips are chapped.

Sis, what are you doing?!? You look like you have crumbs on your lips the color isn’t going to apply properly, and quite frankly it’s not flattering.

I shared 3 tips on how to keep your lips moisturized, and now I want to share some of my favorite lip products to keep your situation moisturized!

By Terry Baume De Rose

Available in both pot and lip gloss form, this lip balm is by far one of the most luxurious feeling ones I have ever tried. While on the expensive side, it’s completely worth it.

Laura Mercier Infusion De Rose Lip Care

Makes your lips feel like satin pillow cases. The rose fragrance is not overwhelming. Great as an every day or prep for matte lips.

Eve Lom Kiss Mix

While I prefer not to stick my finger in products (nails and what not) I do like this lip balm. Fresh minty scent, and nourishing to the lips. Also comes in a few tinted colors if that’s what you like.

Lucas Paw Paw Ointment

I found out about this product in my makeup artist days. It’s main ingredient is papaya extract and is made in Australia. This is the heavy guns I pull out for extremely chapped lips, sunburn or even sores on the face.

Burt’s Bees Wax Lip Balm

Ok, this is an old faithful for me. It never does me wrong. Super inexpensive. Keep one in the car, in my bag, and will probably find one in every pocket of every coat I own.


What are your favorite lip balms? Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. I recently tried Lippe Balm by Drunk Elephant… absolutely loved it! It’s light enough to apply prior to a matte lipstick, but heavy enough to do its job on extra dry lips…. and has just a hint of a fruity taste. Perfect for the dry weather out here in a California… I even use it on Niño 🙂

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