2011 Met Gala Favorite Faces (Makeup)

It’s not always about the gown. Hair and makeup are just as important. Some ladies get it and others don’t. There were a few that caught my eye last night on the red carpet. Here are some of my favorite faces from the red carpet of the 2011 Met Gala.

La La Vasaquez

I gasp every time I see LaLa’s face lately. Its always so beautiful. With soft colors on the lid and perfectly bronzed. Always using a white liner on the lower lash line to make her eyes pop and seem more open. Slightly smoky but never too dramatic.

Janelle Monae

I love Janelle Monae’s fresh face. A wonderful way to wear makeup and look fresh, yet look like you don’t have that much on.  With defined brows and the perfectly peachy cheek and a nude lip, this look is perfect for everyday, and still appropriate for a red carpet.


Sam Fine is the king of the smoky eye and perfects it so beautifully on Iman’s face. Perfectly bronzed and golden elsewhere, then the perfect smoky punch on the eye with a nude lip.
*peace love & couture*

Are You Wasting Your Beauty?

A survey conducted by Cover Girl shows that women spend on average $69 each year on cosmetics products that they never use.

I went through my collection and looked at products that I purchased and have yet to use. And  I must say there are a number of things I don’t use. However, I have a 30/60/90 day rule where I get rid of tangibles in my life. I either give them away or donate. So I guess some of my friends will be pretty happy here soon…or maybe there will be a Twitter, Blog or Facebook giveaway. Stay tuned!

I challenge you to go through your own collection of makeup and beauty products. How many products have you purchased that you have never used? Do you plan to use them ever?

*peace love & couture*

How Young Is Too Young for For Makeup?

How young is too young to wear makeup?

Sam Fine

 At what age is it appropriate to start wearing foundation and other makeup products? According to beauty expert Sam Fine 14 is the perfect age for young girls to start experimenting with makeup. While he is not a proponent for young teens to have a dark smokey eye or wear heavy foundations and bold lipsticks, there are a few things that he says young girls should do.

Young girls (around age 14) should start:

  • grooming brows
  • proper skin care
  • start the using a light application of a pressed powder
  • lip gloss
  • a little mascara

“If a girl is using deodorant, tampons and wearing a bra, they can begin to groom their brows, wear lip gloss and a thin coat of mascara and powder” -Sam Fine

I do remember growing up that a large number of my friends started wearing makeup between the ages of 13 and 15. Apparently it was a really big deal to them. I personally didn’t start wearing tons of makeup until college. I was a tomboy growing up and makeup just wasn’t my thing, however I was always concerned with having clear skin and wanted clean brows. So I guess according to Sam Fine I was right on track. Despite the fact that I was a late bloomer in the world of makeup, my mother tells me a story of a time when I was 2 years old. She said I accompanied her to a party and I took it upon myself to go through a woman’s purse and I found some red lipstick. At the age of 2, she said I put the lipstick on perfectly without a smudge and without a mirror. My mother said she knew from that point on I was going to be addicted to makeup at some point in my life. It took 20 years…but it happened.

When did you start wearing makeup? How much did you wear?

*peace love & couture*

Couture News! B. Scott Beauty

B. Scott Beauty!

I nearly passed out and lost my ever loving mind when I learned that none other than the uber splendiferously divine and ALWAYS beat down B.Scott will be coming out with his very own beauty line in 2011. How amazing is this? The line will include a “double kisses” lipgloss that I can’t wait to apply the same way he does.

I can’t wait to get my hands on these products. As I get more information I’ll be sure to share it with all of my couture cuties.

So in honor of B.Scott and “Tap Yo Neighbor Tuesday” I’m going to ask you “Do you know who B.Scott is?!?” If you don’t know who B. Scott is then here is a little taste for you honey…. DOUBLE KISSES! *muah muah*