All About Jade Rolling

So let me start by being honest. When I first saw someone talk about jade rolling I said “What the hell is this?” I thought it was just another gimmick that marketers were trying to put people on. I will also be honest and say I didn’t even think to look it up or its benefits. I just wasn’t interested.

I finally became interested once I saw Marianna of Life With Me talk about it on her IG stories and she did a short YouTube video on them. I’m really into skincare these days and any way I can give my products an extra boost, so I decided to give it a go.

 What is jade rolling?

Jade rolling is an ancient practice of rubbing cool jade stones across your face and neck. If you’re into crystals and healing, jade is associated with protecting against negative energy and balancing your chi. It is rumored that centuries ago it was a practice used by wealthy Chinese women. Today they can range in price from $10 to upwards of $100.

I couldn’t have picked a better day to use my jade roller for the first time. I had worked 12 hours the day before, barely got any sleep. I was in a pseudo foul mood and completely drained (mentally and emotionally) and my face was puffy. I took a nice long hot shower thinking that would wake me up, and it didn’t.

I cut my jade roller out the pack and realized it was really cold to the touch. I rolled it on my face for a few minutes and I instantly yelled out (yes in the house by myself) OMG THIS IS AMAZING!

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Shea Suite Body Butters and Balms


Who doesn’t love a good body butter?!? Find me a woman who doesn’t, and you’ve pointed out an alien. Seriously….

I have tried everything from lotions, baby oil gels, you name it I’ve tried it. However the best thing for my dry skin these days has been the body butters and balms from Shea Suite.

Shea Suite is a small woman-owned business based out of Maryland, and has homemade luxurious body butters and balms made from simple, rich, and organic ingredients. A few have fragrances (while seasonal), right now I’m loving the Suite Pumpkin which is a wonderful light pumpkin spice cinnamon type of scent. If you’re not a fan of fragrance you can do the standard salve which gives more of a cocoa butter scent (which men love!)

I personally prefer to shower in the evening before bed, and I love the fact that I can get out of the shower and apply this balm at night, and my skin is still ultra moisturized in the morning. The luxurious texture of the body balms literally melt into your hands and your skin.

Great for yourself, or as a gift for the holidays. Head on over to Shea Suite and place an order. And tell them I sent you!

Preparing Your Pout for Matte Colors

Helpful tips on how to prepare your pout for matte lips!

I’m not always a fan of matte colors, but the right hue will get me every time. Whenever I wear dark colors I tend to go for matte colors (my reds, wines and plum colors).

I shared on Instagram how much it irritates me when I see matte colors on chapped lips. I can’t be the only one bothered by this, am I right?!

Prepping your lips for matte colors is extremely important. Not only do you want to ensure that your color is going to apply properly (evenly, and long lasting) you don’t want to do any additional harm to your lips. Matte products by nature can be drying, and if your lips are already dry, you’re adding insult to injury. Putting salt in an open wound. Literally.

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My Favorite Lip Balms

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, you totally should @candiceobeauty) you know that I shared a #PettyPeeve of mine. That petty peeve is when I see women wearing matte lips, and their lips are chapped.

Sis, what are you doing?!? You look like you have crumbs on your lips the color isn’t going to apply properly, and quite frankly it’s not flattering.

I shared 3 tips on how to keep your lips moisturized, and now I want to share some of my favorite lip products to keep your situation moisturized!

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The BEST Lash Glues (for strips)

I’m obsessed with wearing strip lashes. They just give me the extra umph I need whenever I have a full face, and I feel naked without them. They just always up the ante!

One thing I don’t like is feeling insecure that one of my lashes (or both) will try and forsake me and be gone with the wind. For that reason I make sure I use lash glues that really get the job done and will last all day.

I’m sharing my two favorite lash glues with you.

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