7 Skincare Ingredients You Need After 30

I’m obsessed with skincare because I want to have baby skin for the rest of my life. Well, as long as I can. Basically the goal is to never look my age and I refuse to look like a vintage leather bag. (You know the look I’m talking about).

The older we get, we are envious of the young ones with perfect skin, however it’s nothing to do with them. It’s a mere case of biology and physiology. There are just certain things in our bodies and skin that decrease over time, and then “aging” begins. Between the ages of 25 and 30 is when the degradation process begins, so your previous beauty routines and products just aren’t going to suit you anymore.

It’s inevitable that you’re going to need a boost to your skin as you age. Here are 7 key ingredients you need in your skincare products after the age of 30! Continue reading “7 Skincare Ingredients You Need After 30”

Favorite Face Masks

I’m no stranger to skincare, and I love a good face mask. Even if you’re not a skincare aficionado, one of your entry level products is a good mask. I get a million and one questions from women on good masks to use as they start their skincare journey.

Masks can be peel off, rinse off, sheet or over night. No matter the method, they all have benefits depending on your specific needs.

Here is a list of my favorite face masks

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Beauty Picks

It’s that time of year again, and to be very honest it almost passed me by! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has always been a staple for me. This is the time of year where I buy all of my favorite things and prep for the fall. And even if you’re not planning on buying sweaters and boots, now is the perfect time to try out some new beauty products or get some of your favorites at a reduced price.

One tip I can give you is, work with one associate! They’re all desperate for sales (trust me I’ve worked at Nordstrom) and it benefits you to work with one associate and just give them a list, and let them grab everything for you. Put them to work, it’s their job! 

If you’re not sure what things to get from the Beauty Exclusives portion of the Anniversary Sale, I’ve got you covered! I went through every single item (yes I really did) and pulled the best buys.

Be sure to check and see if any brand you are interested in has a gift with purchase (GWP). Many brands do and they will have spending minimums for each. Check out the GWP list here

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