Anti-Chaffing Products for Thick Thighs

I’m new to the Thick Thighs Coalition (TTC) and formerly president of Team Thigh Gap (TTG). I’ve been working out a lot and doing a pretty intense bootcamp 3 days a week. While my waist is coming down, these thighs aren’t going anywhere. I had no problem with it, until my first experience with chaffing thighs happened this week, and I immediately knew that I needed help. I had heard of friends just wearing biker shorts, but to be honest, I don’t want to do that this summer. I want to feel as free and comfortable as possible.

I didn’t need years of struggling to try and find a solution. It only took me 15 minutes, literally, and I was on Instagram asking TTC veterans for help. It was like I posted a bat signal, and the suggestions came rolling in! I posted on my stories the list that I had come up with via the suggestions and it was a hit! So I thought I would park it here on the blog for future reference.

Please note I have not had the pleasure of trying these yet, but all that are posted come highly recommended from TTC and have been suggested by multiple people.

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Broke Girl’s Guide To Beauty

I know how easy it is to get caught up in the consumerism that is the beauty industry. It’s inevitable, we’ve all been there. You see something that you just HAVE to have, you saw your favorite guru talk about something and you immediately order it or go out and buy it. But sometimes you just don’t have the coin to keep up with your beauty wants and needs.

Last year I quit my job and took a severe pay cut. Everything was cool because emotionally I was happy, but I didn’t have the means to keep up with all of my standard beauty maintenance. I knew I had to make something work, so the next year was an eat pray love journey of sorts figuring out a new beauty routine and budget for myself.

I put a halt on it all. Hair, nails, brows, waxing. ALL OF IT! I quickly started thinking, I mean I know I’m not destitute (and everyone’s finances are different) but how were so many women affording their maintenance?!?

So in my mind I was broke, but I survived. I followed a few personal guidelines that helped me get by. A broke beauty survival guide of sorts. Look and feel like a million bucks on a budget.

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Gift Guide: Accesories and More

I wanted to share some gift giving ideas for your girly fun loving friend…or yourself. I’m not here to judge. All gifts are under $75!

Gift Guide: Charitable Donations

I wanted to do a little something different this  year and add some charitable organizations to my gift giving guide. The following organizations are some that are near and dear to my heart.

I truly feel that it is a blessing to be a blessing. Please take a look at the following organizations and make a donation if you can. If not, let it be a reminder to you that your gifts that you give can be bigger than you, and find an organization that you can sow into.

Hustlers Guild

The Hustlers Guild, a 501 (c) (3), was started by Obama Administration Alumni Yasmin Salina, Jason Spear, and Kevin Beckford. The three shared many of the same experiences when it came to navigating as young minority professionals in the Nation’s Capital. With a commitment to extend their expertise and resources, The Guild was formed to service underrepresented youth.

Their mission is to develop and empower youth ages 10 -19 years old, as well as college freshmen of underrepresented communities to drive innovation that will impact the future

You can donate to Hustlers Guild here.


C+1(Cancer plus 1)

The Mission of Cancer +1 is to  end the feeling of loneliness felt by individuals fighting a chronic illness.

To level the playing field, C+1 believes that by sharing the patient/caregiver experience with one another we will provide real, tangible information about various areas of healthcare to benefit one another. Healthcare should not just be about the life before a disease and the life after a disease…but during.  Sharing experiences and resources can be the greatest benefit to change the lives of the ones with the disease and the ones caring for their loved ones

By connecting real people who are experiencing similar circumstances, we are able to create a safe and informative community where people can be authentic, detailed, but more importantly provide an environment where we can heal one another on an unparalleled level.

You can donate to C+1 here

Bo Fosters Hope

The Eusibio “Bo” McCoy Foster Children’s Support Project, Inc. was formed in memory of Sergeant Eusibio McCoy, fondly known to family and friends as Bo. Bo was in foster care from a very young age, until he aged out at the age of 21.  Bo often discussed with her what he deemed to be inadequacies in the foster care system and the need for more programs that would provide educational, mentoring, tutoring and life skills for those aging out of the system. His dream was to one day form an organization to aid children in foster care. At the age of 21 he joined the United States Army and quickly excelled, becoming a military policeman and a combat instructor prior to being promoted to Sergeant just weeks prior to his untimely death in Belgium at the age of 24. While in Belgium, Bo was instrumental in getting many of his fellow soldiers to volunteer at a local orphanage. It was not until his death that many of them learned that he had spent most of his childhood in foster care and why he had been so passionate and persistent that they volunteer. This organization is dedicated to his memory and fulfilling his dream!

You can donate to Bo Fosters Hope here