What a LAMB Moment

I would like to introduce a new section to my blog. Sometimes there are moments where a woman feels so empowered and she knows that she looks great. Not only does she know she looks great…she knows that everyone else knows as well. This is a look that is powerful and commands attention of all those that are graced by your presence. I like to call it: Look At Me Bitch! (LAMB).
My first edition of a LAMB MOMENT is dedicated to my grandmother who passed away this weekend. When I saw the album pictures for Keyshia Cole’s new album “A Different Me” I was in love with the retro glam feel. After hearing that my grandmother passed and I was listening to the CD I couldn’t help but remember pictures of my grandmother when she was young and how glamorous she looked. Keyshia has a very retro glam look and is commanding all sorts of attention. Its clearly a different her and you all need to look at her. The pictures are powerful and sexy and she is clearly saying…LOOK AT ME BITCH!

P.S. If you haven’t gotten the album…you should get it. Its a great stocking stuffer! She’s in a wonderful place now and you can hear it.

Marilyn Coleman this is for you…

WINTER IS HERE….and I’m not happy about it

Today is the first official day of winter and I’m not happy about it at all. I despise all things cold and I’m not a fan of snow. I saw my first icicle and I could have cried. Most of all I can’t stand what the cold dry air does to my skin. So clearly its time for some quick home remedies to keep my skin looking right and protected.

Please make sure you are exfoliating and moisturizing. It’s very important. Salt and sugar scrubs work very well. Sugar scrubs work better for the winter because they put moisture back into the skin. Salt works better for the summer time. You should use a salt scrub no more than twice a month, and no more than twice a week for a sugar scrub.

You can find good scrubs and exfoliates at Bath and Body Works. The jars have an ample amount of product and last a long time. If you don’t want to buy one you can make your own! All you need is a few simple ingredients from your kitchen and your bathroom.

  • sugar or salt
  • jar
  • vitamin E
  • baby oil or extra virgin olive oil
  • fragrance (optional)

Take a jar (any size that you would like) and fill it 3/4 the way with your salt or sugar. Fill the rest of the jar with your choice of baby oil or extra virgin olive oil. Next put in a tablespoon of vitamin E. If you would like your scrub to have a scent you can buy fragrance oils and put in a few drops. You can even mix and match fragrances to make a signature scented scrub.

To use your scrub simply wet the area you want to exfoliate. Stir your scrub (because the oil and and other ingredients will separate) and apply a small amount the the palm of your hand. Rub in small circles then rinse. Be sure to follow up with a thick body butter or cream to keep the area smooth and lock in moisture.

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT EXFOLIATE AFTER YOU SHAVE YOUR LEGS. You should always exfoliate first then shave. If you do it the other way around it could sting, especially if you get a cut from shaving.

Shoegasm: “Tammy” Pump by L.A.M.B.

Here is my new love….the ‘Tammy’ pump by L.A.M.B. I’m still catching my breath. I will be fantasizing about this shoe until the leather caresses my size 8.5 foot with a fresh pedicure in the spring. I will have this shoe. Mark my words. I will be gifting myself for Valentine’s Day (because I love me that much). But if someone would like to gift them to me…I will gladly and humbly accept the shoe that way also.

Inaugural Ball Gowns

If you’re planning on attending an Inaugural Ball as I am, then I’m sure you’re desperately looking to find the perfect gown if you haven’t found one already. If all goes well I will be attending the American Music Inaugural Urban Ball hosted by Ludacris and Big Boi of Outkast. Tickets are very inexpensive at $350 (compared to some balls where tickets are starting at $3000). Please visit the website for pricing and other information.
I believe this is a wonderful opportunity for young people to get out and celebrate our new President that we supported so strongly during his campagin. No other ball will be this affordable and offer this amount of diversity in attendees and performers.

Although the dress code does not have to be formal you must dress to impress. Here are a few looks that are elegant but still young and chic.

Dresses Shown (starting at top left): BCBG Beaded Silk Gown ($239); JS Boutique One Shoulder Matte Jersey Dress ($138); BCBGMaxAzria One Shoulder Jersey Gown ($378), Calvin Klein Halter Gown ($208)