I can’t wait until this Friday so I can finally see Bride Wars. For whatever reason (maybe the fact that everyone on earth is getting married these days) I have been obsessing over weddings. Dresses, venues, photographers, hair and make up. Anything that you can imagine is a part of the day…I’m thinking about it. And I don’t even have a man!!!! Thank God my best friend is getting married in June and I can help her plan her big day to the love of her life.

I think the concept of the movie is absolutely hilarious…yet serious at the same time. My best friend and I were approached not too long ago with the idea of getting married on the same day (by a silly man of course). To their surprise we freaked out and let out a few explitives saying that it would be a cold day in hell before we got married on the same day. Honestly we can’t even get married in the same year. I need her while I’m planning and she’s going to need me. Its a time to be selfish and share the spotlight with your honey…

As far as the movie is concerned, I’m expecting wonderful fashion, great make up, and great hair. And of course I’m expecting a montage of the main characters trying on wedding gowns. Now if that won’t be an inspiration to summer brides as well as a boost for the bridal industry (as if it needed one).

This Is What Love Smells Like

As part of my after Christmas shopping I decided to buy myself a little present. All my friends know that I love gifting myself. Who better to love you than yourself right!?! And as my uncle says “I treat me, I don’t cheat me”.

Today I bought a J’adore gift set from Macy’s. I have been stalking this scent for quite some time and never bought it. Things just always seem better to buy when it comes as a set and you get more for your money. I absolutely adore this scent and can’t stop smelling my wrist!
A lot of people are always asking what scent I’m wearing and I normally don’t tell but now I feel like I should share just a little bit. Besides, youre body chemistry isn’t the same as mine so it won’t smell exactly the same. (Not trying to be rude…its just the truth!) With that being said here is a list of my signature scents that I wear depending on my mood or the occasion.

  • Flowerbomb (Viktor & Rolf)
  • Classique Eau de Parfume*(Jean Paul Gaultier)
  • Romance (Ralph Lauren)
  • J’adore (Dior)
  • Addict 2 (Dior)
  • Envy Me (Gucci)
  • Serpentine (Cavalli)

*For those of you who are unsure, there is a distinct difference between Eau de Parfume and Eau de Toilette. Parfumes are stronger and more expensive because the scent lasts longer (therefore you do not have to drown yourself in it) where Toilettes are less expensive, do not last longer and are more water based. You may have to touch up your scent throughout the day with a Toilette where you would not have to do that with a Parfume unless you feel you desperately need to.

Eartha Kitt…Gone But Not Forgotten

Eartha Kitt
January 17, 1927 – December 25, 2008
It saddens me to report that we have lost yet another legend. Eartha Kitt has passed away today from colon cancer at the age of 81. For those of you that may not know she was the original Catwoman on Batman and the singer of the very famous rendition of “Santa Baby”. She will be truly missed. A true legend and a LAMB.

What a LAMB Moment

I would like to introduce a new section to my blog. Sometimes there are moments where a woman feels so empowered and she knows that she looks great. Not only does she know she looks great…she knows that everyone else knows as well. This is a look that is powerful and commands attention of all those that are graced by your presence. I like to call it: Look At Me Bitch! (LAMB).
My first edition of a LAMB MOMENT is dedicated to my grandmother who passed away this weekend. When I saw the album pictures for Keyshia Cole’s new album “A Different Me” I was in love with the retro glam feel. After hearing that my grandmother passed and I was listening to the CD I couldn’t help but remember pictures of my grandmother when she was young and how glamorous she looked. Keyshia has a very retro glam look and is commanding all sorts of attention. Its clearly a different her and you all need to look at her. The pictures are powerful and sexy and she is clearly saying…LOOK AT ME BITCH!

P.S. If you haven’t gotten the album…you should get it. Its a great stocking stuffer! She’s in a wonderful place now and you can hear it.

Marilyn Coleman this is for you…